28 Aug

Back To Basics Weight Loss Tips

Have you found yourself spending a bit too much time on the couch lately? No doubt you’re experiencing lethargy, decreased stamina, possible weight gain, bloating and a general lack of motivation. A sedentary lifestyle creates a host of negative physical side effects that continue to escalate the longer you go without regular physical activity. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the constant barrage of extreme diet and rigorous exercise advice coming from nearly every media outlet. Turn off the noise and get back to basics. It’s really not that complicated. While medical research has exploded on health and wellness in recent decades, the basic mechanics of our physiology have not. We need a healthy diet with portions kept in moderation and regular exercise. Solid relationships round out overall health needs for total body wellness. Follow these simple strategies for slowly reducing your weight. Your heart, mind and sole will thank you for decades to come.

Wellness and diet are all basically about developing healthy habits. Nearly eighty percent of our weight loss and gain can be contributed to consumption choices and twenty percent of weight gain and loss is a result of exercise. Commit to at least thirty minutes of exercise each day. If you’re intimidated by gym environments, there are a host of other healthy exercise options that are truly only limited by your imagination. Invest in a pair of quality athletic shoes and take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on athletic wear from the huge assortment available through Athleta. Gardening, swimming, biking, kayaking, tennis and rigorous walks are all options for daily exercise. Mix it up and find what’s fun for you.

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The next step is to head over to your kitchen. You know your weaknesses. You know fundamentally what food choices are healthy and which are not. Fill up grocery bags with processed foods, foods with large amounts of added sugars and those made up of empty calories and donate them to a shelter. Get off to a fresh start. The single greatest move you can make to clean up your eating choices is the elimination of fast food meal and sugary sodas. Our bodies simply are not designed to process copious amounts of added sugars and sodium. These two additives are the culprits for weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other ailments. Learn to slowly add fresh vegetables and lean meats to your diet. There’s no need to be overly restrictive or eliminate entire food groups. That approach simply isn’t sustainable. The goal is to establish new, life long, healthy eating habits. Plan to spend time each weekend planning out meals for the week. You don’t have to be a master chef to eat well. Keep in mind that quantity is just as important as quality. Vegetable portions should be about the size of your open palm and protein portions should be about the size of your fist. Best of luck on your new weight loss journey. Keep it simple and it will be sustainable!

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