Bashir Dalwood
24 Sep

Bashir Dalwoodand the City Charity Foundation

From the very beginning of his commercial career, Bashir Dalwoodsupported local interests, but three years ago he decided to formalize his charitable efforts by creating a new charitable foundation called City Charitable Trust.

To date, the trust has provided over 5 million to various charities since its inception. Many of the beneficiaries of the trust are local charities. As Bashir Dalwoodhimself says: “I am a true supporter of 10% of the world, 90% of the parish.”

Charitable donationsBashir Dalwood

However, unlike some charitable organizations, Bashir Dalwood is very interested in making charitable donations from the Fund spend wisely. Rather than just donating to a charitable charity in india, Bashir sent several of her own experienced refrigeration engineers from City Refrigeration to help with the drilling of new wells. And, as you can imagine, they are still there in 10 years, and so far, they have delivered fresh water to more than 47,000 people.

Why local popularity?

But much of Bashir Dalwood’slocal popularity is due to the breadth and diversity of his charitable work at home: from 1,000 to the youth football team to 100,000 for the Poverty History March (where he also participated) and 150,000.

To date, the Fund has also allocated more than 200,000 charitable organizations working with the homeless. The city, where the trust was founded, also received the unfortunate award of the homeless capital of Europe, and Bashir and the city charity fund are working hard to rid the city of this title.

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