FDA Approved Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is unlike for men and women and the treatments are designed differently for them. Although the market is full of various medications, there are only a few which went through clinical tests and were approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The most famous ones are Propecia and Rogaine. Both of them were developed to treat other people’s problems, but in the course of studies one of their side-effects was moderate hair growth and prevention of hair loss. After a little work, the medications were reworked and turned into alopecia treatments.

Propecia is a prescription medication for male pattern baldness. Both FDA and American Hair Loss Association advise it as the primary cure of hair loss. Propecia prevents hair from falling out, but it rarely provides hair growth.

Men lose their hair because testosterone turns into dihydrotestosterone or DHT which aims to kill hair follicles. Damaged follicles stop producing healthy strong hair. Propecia stops testosterone from turning into DHT and the follicles remain healthy. This is why the sooner one decides to start the treatment; the more hair follicles will be saved.

Rogaine was originally developed as a high blood pressure treatment, this is why if a person experiences any troubles with blood pressure, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using Rogaine. During the tests of the pills the participants noticed hair growth in unexpected areas. Since the designer of Rogaine wanted to profit from this side-effect, the decision was made to turn pills into a topical solution which provided hair growth in the places where the patient wanted it to grow.

A 5% solution was approved as male pattern baldness treatment. The FDA did not want to approve the same for women, so the 2% solution was developed for them. Now both men and women have a chance to cure hair loss and re-grow hair in the desired areas.

There are several other treatments which use FDA approved ingredients to treat hair loss. For example, Spectral DNC contains Minoxidil, the basic component of Rogaine. It is combined with several other chemicals which make the medication even more effective.

Since it has Minoxidil, Spectral DNC is considered to be a hair re-growth product. It is claimed to help in five months of usage while the two above mentioned treatments need 6-12 months. Spectral DNC is approved to help men with different degrees of hair loss.

Aromatase 7 also uses Minoxidil and re-grows hair. It is called “a maximum strength hair loss treatment”. This product contains the highest approved concentration of Minoxidil which makes it a good treatment for male hair loss only. The medication might be too strong for female hair.


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