26 Apr

Finding the different fun facts about plants and gardening

In order to grow and maintain a beautiful garden at your home, you should need some technique, skill, and also dedication to be able to do it. For the interested gardener who grows vegetables and plants according to the season, there are different overwhelming tasks available at times. But sometimes, a few things become fun and silly when it comes to gardening. Such kinds of the fun facts about gardening will be shown here from the serious gardeners.

Gardening fun facts:

A sunflower is created with many flowers – The sunflower actually has the yellow colored petals and the fuzzy brown color in the center part. Actually, this fuzzy center piece which is in the brown color is in reality 1000 to 2000 individual flowers.

Plants react to noise – A lot of study shows that if you are talking to the plants, it will be definitely helps them grow. Your voice or the vibration in music will surely affect the growth of the plant. It is really crazy fact at all.

Baking soda provides you tasty tomatoes – If you are adding baking soda at the bottom of the tomato plant on to your soil, it reduce the acidity stage of the soil so it will turn the tomatoes to get sweeten taste. It is one of the most considerable fun facts about gardening at all.

Butterflies like flora but love weeds – Many studies have proved that butterflies are really much attached to the clovers and dandelions than the flowers because of the pesticides or genetically modified breed of flowers now days.

Fastest growing wood plant – Bamboo is the wood plant which is growing very fast in the world. It can grow even 35 inches in a single day.

How many seeds are in the strawberry? – A single strawberry fruit actually contains around 200 seeds but it is the only fruit which has its seed in the outer surface.


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