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05 May

How to choose a good plastic surgeon

Each year aesthetic procedures and plastic surgeries increase in number. According to the report, 15.6 million aesthetic and reconstructive procedures were performed in plastic surgery Manchester. Unfortunately, parallel to this boom has also increased the number of procedures performed by false specialists and doctors who do not meet the minimum requirements to practice this profession. As a consequence, the complications and unsatisfactory results are a serious problem. If you are going to enter a surgery room for an aesthetic procedure, keep these 10 recommendations in mind:

Talk to people who have gone through this process

The best way to get information about doctors and clinics is by talking with family or friends who have had similar surgery. Knowing the experience of others helps you make a more accurate decision about who the doctor should be. In addition, on the web you can find reviews that also give valuable guidance. Sites like Real Self allow you to see the comments of patients about surgeries, clinics and surgeons. However, when analyzing the experiences of others, do not compare, keep in mind that each person has different results and recovery processes.

plastic surgery Manchester

Study your doctor

It is essential that the specialist be part of the scientific society that groups them If you are thinking of operating in another country, look for the society that groups plastic surgeons and consult their databases. Investigate and ask for lawsuits for malpractice or suspensions of the license to practice the profession. All these elements will help you make the right decision.

Go prepared for the first consultation

  • To get the best out of your first assessment and get the important information, have a list of questions and doubts that you want to solve.
  • It is essential to be clear about the risks of complications and unsatisfactory results. Ask about this topic to have more elements to help you make the decision.
  • It is also vital to know if there are other treatment options for your case, and to leave surgery as the last option. If pain is one of the issues that concern you the most, ask for complementary options to manage pain after surgery. If you cannot clear all your doubts, schedule a second consultation.
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