19 Mar

How to convert your bed into the couch

Having a daybed in your office or home can be classy and cozy look at every time. It definitely makes your room a perfect look and setup for the highly comfortable day to nap, read, or hang out. Daybeds are just like between the bed and a couch but you can differentiate them by the way you are using and they designed. Normally, the daybeds are in the rectangular shape with the smaller size mattress than the regular bed. Currently, a lot of designers come up with the strange ideas on how to make a bed look like a couch design.

Besides the variation in the designs, the daybeds can also be differentiated with their materials which are stylish and durable at all. The daybeds designs may vary from contemporary, modern, classic, and also the traditional concepts based on the individual requirements of the house owners. The following are the easy tips suggested by the experts to convert your bed like the couch.

Tips to convert daybed into a couch:

  • First, you have to select the color theme for your daybed and it is good to begin with the solid base and neutral color.
  • Just cover the mattress with the fit colored sheets of your preferences.
  • You can also add large bed pillows instead of the back cushion.
  • With the various colored sheets, you can add toss pillows in the contrast color.
  • Add the toss rug and faux fur pillow for the additional texture.
  • You can also add the boost with the colorful or printed design.
  • At last, you can add the soft blanket for the greater comfort.

Whenever you are following all these suggested steps correctly and choose the best colored sheets, pillows, and printed designs, your daybed will be greatly converted as the couch with the modern and elegant look.

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