13 Mar

Sunny side up – What does this exactly means?

There are many women who may have experienced plenty of back pains especially during their late pregnancy period. She may perhaps have to have that caesarian section also termed in short as c-section, partly due to the reason that the baby was seen to be in ‘sunny side up’ position. Majority of the women across the globe have heard a lot about breech birth. However, sunny side up position can be stated to be something that they may not have heard about. According to the medical experts, it is actually a common abnormal position noticed for the baby.

Sunny side up delivery

OP or occiput position is the medical term that is used for sunny side up position. Here, the baby is noticed to be head down, however, turned up the wrong way. Occiput which is the head’s back portion is posterior. Hence, the face of the baby gets pressed up against public bone. It can be really tough for the baby for extending its head out right under public bone, in this particular position. Hence, the mother’s labor is likely to be much more difficult and time consuming.

What about OP Position?

Plenty of studies and researches have been conducted on OP position, what exactly it stands for delivery, how it can be prevented and the like. The following are the resettles of the studies conducted:


1.This type of position is noticed to be common during the initial stage of labor that occurs in almost 30% of all pregnancies.

2.Babies are likely to rotate to the normal position, during the delivery period. It is just 5% of the babies who are said to have persistent OP.

3.The persistent OP cold result in assisted vaginal delivery, emergency caesarian section or longer labor. According to studies conducted, 20% to 30% of the babies having persistent OP get delivered through C-section.

4.Persistent OP position baby is likely to be had by the mother especially during the initial pregnancy. Medical experts are of the opinion that the risk here is around 7%.

What to do if the baby is found to be OP?

The various options to manage the OP baby besides c-section tends to include operative delivery (by using forceps or probably vacuum device), trying to attempt manual baby rotation (through birth canal at the time of labor), as well as maternal posturing.The latter is assumed to be a position made by the mother on her knees and hands, with her chest leaning forwards as well as her back stretched out. Previous studies conducted have shown that maternal posturing helps to eliminate back pain. However, there is not present sufficient evidence to support the same.

Moreover, maternal position is compared to that of watchful waiting among mothers with babies during early labor in OP position. Therefore, the good news can be termed to be that even if the person starts labor with the baby sunny side up, the baby is likely to get into correct position before delivering. The above explains clearly about what does sunny side up baby mean.

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