10 Sep

Technical Proficiency And Leadership Quality Both Are Different

In many of the countries, it has been experienced that some people (student) are keen desirous to plunge into the political pram. No doubt the first stage of political leader ship starts from student union.  Many often you would have experienced that student unions are working only for their political base. The universities where, such elections are allowed, political parties start their interference. But some universities are very strict on this issue. They permit to make a student union but the designations elected cannot take part in any political activity. They will work for betterment of the education standard of the students only. This conditional election provides a special courage to the students to look into the basis problems related with the student. Main aim of a student is to study hard and make better carrier.

Better participation in maintaining the educational level is mandatory

Now, role of Apustudentgov is to make the situations better. Elected body of this union meets with the administration and decides regarding the future plans. These student unions complete different stages during election and then make them sufficient self reliant so that they can handle the education related problems till any stage. Every elected member is given responsibility to improve a particular section of the university. This is the reason that APU is gaining more and more fame within last decade. Apart from it, you can also compare other universities and see the results of electing the student unions.


Student unions can provide better personality development too

You can have technical proficiency in you but the good leadership quality can only be gained by working for community with certain aims. Top class leadership training is possible right from the student union level but to make it fresh it is needed that all the efforts are diverted towards real problems related with the development of study environment. Every student needs some better and challenging study environment. To explore own possibilities as well as the problem level, it is necessary that a student union member be given appropriate opportunity to solve a problem.

To enhance the caliber, leadership is must

This will definitely refine his/her caliber for making more good efforts. In the countries, where student unions are considered as a political body, nothing can be taken from them for betterment of students. Most of the time, they think about their own benefits. Thanks to the countries where bipolar government system is existing. In such condition, no adverse effect of the student unions can be seen on the educational system of concerned university. It is better to have student unions only for betterment of the education system so that desired outliner of the country can be ensured.


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