08 Oct

Through The Thick Forests Of Argentina

Argentina might not be a part of USA, but it certainly compensates by being the hot spot of South America for tourism, work, beaches, belly dance, lot of drinking, partying and under water marriages and of course Word Cup FIFA!

History and Geography

Argentina is located in the southern part of South America. With a sub tropical climate and fertile alluvial soil, it has been host to a many number of things ranging from football, Shakira and many other stars to wild animals and reptiles like Anaconda. Some of the earliest races of the Paleolithic period could be traced back to Argentina. They were mainly hunters, gatherers, potters, farmers and traders.

Getting in to Argentina

AirportTravelLike with every other country, you will of course need a passport and visa to enter Argentina as well. Interestingly, passport holders of the following countries do not require a separate visa to enter Argentina: Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Canada, etc.

One more interesting fact about Argentina is that you can reach it through airways, waterways, railways and even roadways. Yes, Argentina has a Retiro bus terminal and has international coaches running through all of its neighboring countries. There is unfortunately no international railway service with Argentina; but currently there is an ongoing project between Chile and Argentina. For in and around Argentina, there are regular catamaran route links; and for travel to other countries there are the larger Grimaldi Freighters (the run freighters) which can carry up to 12 passengers apart from the crew.

A Tour through the Country

The official language of Argentina is Spanish and a majority of the people does speak the proper and correct Spanish. But somewhere in the interiors of Argentina, the language gets slightly twisted and the local dialect, Castellano Rioplatense, takes its place, although it does not sound anything much like Spanish. During the summer, one can see all the people decked out on the beach front, dancing through the evening and night with lot of alcohol; during the winter it is not uncommon to see the same set of people skiing through the snow!

Just like Disneyland or a visit to any of the pilgrimages, one could also add Argentina in that list. It is targeting for shooting spot for many movies, especially the ones which revolve around wildlife. The movie crew just jumps in to the country and keeps travelling through the rivers of Amazon either by means of large boats or small freighters trying to find the perfect location for their scenes. Some of the action movies are also shot here.

Argentina travel is more of tourism rather than official. This is because the official part of Argentina is still developing and the country is more bent upon improving on its tourism because for any country, tourism is the best bet for raking in money. Sometimes, people also dress up with the naturals like palm leaves, coconut shells, flower garlands and so on. People dress up so for their special traditional dance and music; people from all over the world travel during festival times mainly to enjoy this!