27 Nov

Tips for increasing Mac OS performance

A Mac OS X-based hard disk is divided into two partitions, each with different characteristics. There are four basic things that are observed in each of the partitions, they are files, file threads, directories and directory threads. Some of the Mac users have updated to Mac OS Sierra and they have felt that their computer is running slower after installing sierra. If one notices the performance level after updating to Mac OS sierra, there is likely a better reason for it and it also has a simple solution to resolve this issue. Immediately after updating to sierra, the Mac must re-index the drive for use with spotlight and siri, which is built in search functions in the Mac OS. This can take some time to complete, if one has a large hard drive with a ton of files. It is important to let this process to complete by itself because when the spotlight gets interrupted, the process will not work properly and t results in re-indexing. In order to fight with the performance issues after updating to OS EI capital ElCapitanslow.com was introduced to help the Mac owners. It helps the performance issue that one might face after updating the Mac OS Sierra by fixing Mac OS Sierra slow problems.


Increasing the performance:

After installing the sierra, the Photo app, which indexes and scans all the photos for identifiable features and faces, is another important cause for the slowdown of Mac system. This may also take time particularly if one has a large photo app library. This is another process that one needs to let complete in order for photos to work properly. For the majority of the users, the reason for slow down of the Mac OS after installing sierra is because of the reindexing features that are running on in the background. These tasks can consume some amount of CPU cycles as they complete, leading to blazing fans, sierra slow performance and Mac may also lead to feel that it is running hot, but once the background tasks are finished the Mac will be speedy again. One can leave the Mac to turn on overnight while the system is not in use and they can notice that all their indexing process is completed by morning and the performance will also return to its normal condition. Cleaning off the files on the desktop is another important process to increase the performance of the system.


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