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04 Sep

What and here to eat in Singapore

The multicultural heritage of Singapore is manifested in its cuisine and is that, although the international spirit reigns in the streets, Chinese, Indian and Malaysian dishes are the star of many restaurants. Click here for one night food trip singapore.

Prices vary greatly depending on the place chosen, but regardless of paying 2 or 200SGD, the common denominator is that you will not go hungry. In Singapore you can eat perfectly for ridiculous prices. Visit this site for one night food trip singapore.

Typical dishes

Some of the delights of Singaporean cuisine are:

Crab: Whether pepper, chili or any other way, crab is the most typical dish in Singapore.

Satay: Marinated chicken or pork skewers with peanut sauce. It is the favorite dish for international tourists.

Char KwayTeow

Rice noodles with garlic, meat, shrimp and various sauces.

Laksa: Noodle soup of different variants.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Steamed chicken with rice and various sauces.

one night food trip singaporeRoti Prata

Although it is an original dish from India, roti has become a classic among the inhabitants of Singapore. It is a pancake that can carry different ingredients inside.

Street stalls – The Hawkers

Hawkers are sets of street stalls that share tables and other services. If you have visited other Southeast Asian cities like Bangkok before, you will know that this is common in many places in these latitudes. The price of the dishes in these places ranges between 3 and 7SGD.

Our favorite hawker-center is Lau Pa Sat. This enclosure is under a wrought iron structure carried from Scotland in the late 19th century. Do not leave Singapore without trying the satay in this hawker.

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