12 Sep

What is the reason behind giving birthday wishes with flowers?

The birthday is a pagan tradition that originated in ancient Greece. They believe that everyone is endowed with a spirit protecting them since the day they were born. A birthday is a way to celebrate this spirit. Like many Greek traditions, the Romans continued this tradition after occupying world domination. Over time, birthday celebrations became part of the Christian tradition and spread throughout the world.

But what does all this information have to do with birthday flowers?

Sending flowers is just a way to celebrate birthdays. Gifts have always been part of birthday celebrations. In the Greek tradition, gifts were originally used to protect the human spirit. Today, people give gifts to people on their birthdays as a way of celebrating them.

Flowers make a great birthday gift. Whether you celebrate with someone or not, birthday flower gifts show that you care.

Types of Beautiful flowers on Birthdays:

  • Roses Without roses, the list of the best flowers for any occasion is incomplete. The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world. There is evidence that roses are at least 35 million years old! Roses are native to China. With such a long history, it is no wonder this is a very popular flower.
  • Iris is another flower with a unique shape. They have six petals, three of which fall outward, and three are upright. You can also choose a beard or beardless iris. Usually, the iris is purple or blue. However, today there are more colours to choose from. The name of the iris comes from Greek mythology. Iris is the name of the rainbow goddess. She is the messenger of the gods.
  • Lily We call lilies from 80 to 100 kinds of flowers. All these species belong to the genus Lilium of the Liliaceae. Don’t worry, and there will be no questionnaires on this information in the future. We have included scientific information on lilies to show the great variation of this flower.
  • Daylilies, Easter lilies, etc., are considered “royal lilies”. These species have six-petal segments that generally widen.
  • Orchid Is there any flower more peculiar than the orchid? We do not believe it.
  • The orchid is another type of flower with a wide variety of colours. There are an estimated 25,00030,000 species of orchids in the world! A third of them were found in tropical regions. However, orchids grow anywhere on earth. Vanilla beans even come from orchids!

If the thought of creating your birthday arrangement scares you –or seems like too much work—that is not a problem. Give beautiful birthday wishes with flowers.

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