29 Mar

What You Need to Know About Best Lawyer

If you are considering making a claim for a personal injury, it is essential that you seek the highest quality legal advice, so that you can become better informed about your rights.

To get such legal advice, you should contact a lawyer who specialises in personal injury law; this can be done online, on the phone, or in person. But how do you know if a lawyer is a good lawyer? Here’s what you need to know about lawyers, to help you make your decision:


  1. Lawyers specialise in specific areas of personal injury law

When you contact a law firm about your personal injury, it is likely that you will be connected to somebody who specialises in your type of accident. That is because lawyers specialise in select areas of personal injury law, such as road traffic accidents, or accidents that involve an employer. Hence, why it is best to contact a larger, national law firm, since they will have several in-house lawyers to choose from to find the best lawyer for you.

  1. All personal injury lawyers have a ‘success rate’

Lawyers work on a case-by-case basis, although some work on two or more cases at once, if they are qualified to do so. And, for every case they win, they improve their ‘success rate’, which is a percentage of the amount of cases they have won. For a personal injury lawyer, a percentage of 80 per cent or more is considered excellent, and especially so if they are well known for taking on higher risk cases, such as those without any indisputable evidence.

  1. The best injury lawyers work for bigger, national law firms

There will of course be exceptions to this, but overall, the best lawyers tend to work for the biggest, most successful law firms. That is because big, national law firms can offer a steady stream of work, and lucrative opportunities. Because of this, you should start your search for a lawyer with a large, national law firm. Ideally, the law firm will have been operating for several years, but a good substitute is plenty of experience between the lawyers there.

  1. The best injury lawyers always provide free, no obligation advice

Lawyers have a duty to provide the best legal advice possible. And, that legal advice should be offered without obligation, and for free, although there are no rules that say initial client-solicitor consultations should come at no cost. If you do choose to proceed with your claim, then that should come at no cost too. Your claim should be processed under a ‘conditional fee agreement’, otherwise known as a ‘no win, no fee agreement’.

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