08 Oct

5 Nail-Polishing Tips You Can Do at Home

Getting the best manicure takes time and effort, especially when choosing for the best nail arts. Not only that, achieving that classy nail art you like to wear also needs skills and techniques. Of course, you don’t want it to get chipped or smudged in just a few days. Then you might want to let the expert do your nails or follow some tips to make your nail art stick longer. If you just had your fresh manicure chip, make nail polish last longer for weeks. Here are some professional nail jobs last longer that you can do at home.

The Best Nail Polish Hacks

Some girls are not that comfortable painting their nails which is why they needed to go to salons. But if you can handle nail-painting at home, then all you need is the right application to make it gorgeously done.

  1. Prepping Your Nails

Before you apply the paints on your nails, you need to choose a comfortable nail length first. The ideal nails won’t be a hurdle in anything you do every day. Choose a decent range that gives you comfort and continue with doing your daily tasks hassle-free. Also, stick on a length that does not break or chip your nail as it can be excruciating, and it makes you uncomfortable. Keeping the length of your nails on the shorter side would still give you the classy arts anyway.

  1. Apply a Base and Top Coat

Using a base and a top coat on your nails is a factor for the manicure lastingness. So before applying the nail paint, make sure you use a base paint first and finish it with a topcoat. The base coat is essential as it prevents your nails from getting in direct contact with the nail paint. Semipermanentes top layer will help ensure that your nail arts won’t chip too soon.

  1. Use Color-less Paint

The white paint can go with your arts, but make sure to find the right white to layer your nails. It will recreate a refreshing white manicure on your shade, but you need to make sure the formula is thick and a perf for your arts. The best paint is a bit creamy as it doesn’t go on too sheer or streaky.

  1. Add Polish Strengthener In-Between

Use strengthener between polishes to make it last longer. It is also healthy for your nails as it helps repair nail damage. The right strengthener keeps your nails from peeling or breaking.

  1. Pick Good Quality Nail Polish

One of the essential parts is to choose suitable, quality nail paint. The cheapest polish is not always the right choice plus they can stain or damage your nails. Go for quality products so that your manicure last longer. Choose from the branded nail paints to make sure of a semi-permanent classy manicure that long lasts.

Final Thoughts

Be your artist and make your manicure skills to the next level without going to the nail salon every couple of weeks. Painting your nails at home can be so much fun aside from the fact that it will save your budget a lot. So try these nail arts no matter your skillset and achieve your favorite manicure look.

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