29 Sep


Generally all the athletes need an exercise and workouts to maintain the body in the proper condition. All the players need a vertical height to achieve the good place in the game. Mostly all the young people like sports but the problem are lack of height. Generally the physical training enhances the body muscles stronger and healthier. All the players needs a height especially the basket ball players, volley ball players and the high jump players. Before you are going to play the game you must follow some rules and regulations. Need to follow some warm ups and exercises to play the game. Many exercises and warm ups are there to maintain the body in a healthy condition. The vert shock review is the guide to get the vert shock easily within a short period of time. This guide contains all the steps and tips to maintain the body and to achieve the vert shock review. If you are not satisfied after you bought the vert shock guide you can return it to the shop. They will give the refund immediately without any problem.

Many steps to maintain:

When you start maintaining the vert shock you must follow the rules and regulations properly. If you are not maintaining the steps there is a chance for the problem to your body. In this there are three main phases to maintain the vertical height easily. It takes 8 weeks to get the result. Only few people can get the result of 40 to 50 inches. Most of the people can get only 20 inches. The three phases are pre shock, shock phase and post shock phase.


In the pre shock phase you should maintain the body in a healthy condition. Your body should be ready for the rigorous exercises and it takes one week to complete. The next phase is the shock phase. It is the long duration phase because you need to maintain your body in a good condition. In this training you can get maximum training for your body and nervous system. It increases the both speed and power to your body. The third step is the post shock phase you need to know how to land properly after jumping. It also enhances the muscular contraction and the body muscles movement. You should maintain the diet food while you are doing the work outs. You should take enough proteins and carbohydrates to maintain body in healthy condition.

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