sheet metal fabrication companies in malaysia
07 Dec

Best Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies In Malaysia

Sheet metal fabrication is the procedure to turn flat steel or aluminum sheets into desired metal structures. It is achieved through assembling, cutting, punching, and folding. Sheet metals can generally be given any shape per desire through cutting or burning. Before we get into the best sheet metal fabrication companies in Malaysia, let us understand what are the different types of sheet metal fabrication.

Types Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

There are numerous sheet metal fabrication techniques. All of them carry their own set of functionalities. Following is the list of the most common types of sheet metal fabrication techniques:

  • Sheet Metal Bending, Forming – To put simply, this is a process of changing the shape of a sheet by putting pressure on it in the right way. Sheet metal bending and forming becomes necessary in manufacturing processes. It is to be noted that the external pressure changes only the physical appearance.
  • Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication – Precision sheet metal fabrication becomes necessary when the required product demands increased precision. Forming, stamping, bending, shearing, punching, welding, etc. are used in this regard.
  • Sheet Metal Stamping – In the sheet metal stamping process, extreme force, or speed, or both are used to modify the shape of the metal. Apart from sheet metals, this process is also employed in metal wires and several other forms of metal.sheet metal fabrication companies
  • Tube Bending – One of the most commonly used sheets metal fabrication techniques, tube bending is the process of forming tubes by bending them permanently. This type of sheet metal fabrication is used to form handles, stair railings, and many other things.
  • Robotic Welding – Robotic welding is the process of automated welding. In robotic welding, computerized robots are used to carry out the welding process. Not only does this increase the accuracy of the work, but enhances safety and security by leaps and bounds.
  • CNC Turret Punching – A turret punch, also known as turret press, is a punch press used in metal forming and shaping. The objective is achieved through punching. This is used to form different metal shapes as per needs.

All this is possible to carry out if sheet metal is used. Sheet metal is durable and malleable at the same time. The sustainability and cost-effectiveness they bring are worth taking note of too. There are several options when it comes to sheet metal fabrication companies in malaysia. You can go for both online and offline options, depending on your budget and convenience.

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