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21 Aug

Bitcoin – A Great Investment? Pros and cons of cryptocurrency!

Is Bitcoin a great investment? The stock results of this amazing financial instrument are amazing. Those who invested in Bitcoin at the beginning of its existence are probably now millionaires. We cry for those who did not see much potential in this cryptocurrency when it cost a dozen or so dollars per unit. There is nothing to cry about: maybe the chance is not lost yet. If investment topics turn you on – read the article about the likely currency of the future

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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of many cryptocurrencies  coinbase login – electronic currencies that have no physical equivalent. They cannot be transferred to a traditional bank account. The foundation of their existence is the cryptographic code, which is read-only by applications are written for this purpose.

Where can you pay with bitcoins?

The phenomenon of bitcoin results from the fact that it is the most recognizable cryptocurrency, allowing not only to pay online but also at selected traditional service outlets. It is also possible to withdraw the accumulated BTC funds at dedicated ATMs.

Very often bitcoin is also presented on websites with exchange rates, although it is not controlled by any central bank or state government.

For what is digging Bitcoin?

Bitcoin mining is another issue. The question of how to dig bitcoins cannot be answered in one paragraph. Mining takes place in a mining group (pool), you can also dig on your own (solo). Success depends on network difficulties, hardware computing power, so-called “Excavators” and luck because the digging process is quite random


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