Features of a good website

It is very difficult to tell what a good website should have from the owner’s point of view. Some owners might give importance to the appearance of the website while others might think that the ease of use is more important. A good website is the one that gets maximum number of visits. If the visitors like it then there is no point in discussing whether it is good or bad. That is why, to talk about the features of a good website, we should have a visitor’s point of view in mind. Just like while selling a product, the customer’s needs and requirements are kept in mind, while setting up a website you should keep the visitor’s requirements in mind. So, let’s start.

web_design Content of the website: Users visit a website for its content. You might think that having high def images will make it attractive, but most of the times the users come for what is written. The content should be useful and relevant. You should not try to fool the visitors by wrong titles or something. It might get you some visits initially, but in the long run your website will suffer due to this. A good way to make your website popular is to have new content frequently. This will not only attract new visitors but will also keep the current visitors interested. It is also liked by the search engines and improves your rank on the results page. Do not ask your Website Design company just for an attractive website, but ask for a useful website.

Advanced design: As mentioned, there is a lot more than just a good looking website. It should be easy to use and should load easily. The visitors should be able to find whatever they are looking for on your website. So having a search engine on your website is very convenient. Some websites have items that load only in particular devices. That is not good. Also opt for responsive design. This means that your website would automatically adjust according to the device. You must have encountered the problems when you have to repeatedly zoom in and out to read the content of a website in mobile phone. This problem can be solved using a responsive design. Ask your website design company about it. If you give the above mentioned things proper importance, your website is bound to be popular among the users.

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