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16 Dec

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Golf would be a lot easier if you could only hit one type of shot around the course. Of course, it would not be very interesting, so perhaps it’s a good thing that this game needs such a wide range of forms and flights to be played successfully.

The low punch shot is a terrific option to have in your arsenal if you want to add some diversity to your game. The good news is that the low punch shot is one of the easier “alternative” strokes to master.

Why include a low punch shot?

As your game progresses and improves, you will find yourself less and less ready to give upstrokes. It’s no great issue for a newbie to pitch out of the woods after a terrible drive or to lay up while playing against the wind.

At that point, you’re just attempting to get the ball from tee to green as safely as possible, even if it takes a few strokes. Eventually, you’ll want shots that can get you out of such situations without wasting a shot. That’s where the low punch shot comes in.

Windy Weather

A low punch shot is commonly used while playing into the wind, but you may utilize it whenever the wind rises — regardless of direction.

Keeping the ball low reduces the effect of wind on its trajectory, making the outcome of your stroke more predictable.

golf instruction

A Falsehood

A low punch will help you gain control over the ball’s flight if you have a difficult lie on the fairway. Knowing how to hit a low punch will offer you another alternative to consider if you cannot land your typical full shot while still making solid contact.

 Against a Difficulty

The “obstacle” in question is usually a tree, but it might be anything. For example, if your ball is resting just behind a tree and a typical trajectory would almost certainly result in the ball hitting the tree, you may employ a low punch to escape cleanly.

Because you would most likely be pitching out sideways if you didn’t have this shot in your repertoire, this usage of the low punch might save you a whole stroke. These are a few golf instruction to follow before you go to play.

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