How To Decide The Dosage Of Clen?

Clenbuterol or Clen, the fat burning drug has been preferred lately by a variety of people from body builders, sports persons, actors, etc. The drug has been known to effectively reduce body fat better than the other drugs like Ephedrine. Yet the amount of drug to be taken is a long debate over years. Here, we shall see what the possible dosages of clen are.


Dosage For Men And Women

The body metabolism of men and women is significantly different and hence they cannot simply take a similar dosage. It is also important to note that not all people take it for weight loss. Clen is a great bronchodilator and has been used to treat respiratory disorders and breathing problems. So, the dosage should also depend on the purpose for which it is consumed. Generally the recommended dose of Clen for men starts from 40mcg to 140 mcg, while for women it is between 20mcg and 100mcg. This is only a generalized dosage and the frequency in which the medication is taken can alter the dosage.

Bursting Cycle Of Clen

This bursting cycle method involves taking a high dosage of clen for 2 days and stopping for two days and keep on alternating this for certain weeks. In this method, we allow the body to burn fat much faster for the first two days and allow complete rest for next two days. This alternating mechanism helps body burn the fat faster, at the same time avoiding continuous exposure to higher doses of clen which might lead to several side effects. This bursting cycle can be followed from 6 weeks up to three months based on the individual response.

Extended Bursting Cycle

This is a variation of the bursting cycle where people take the drug for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks off. This has been suggested to be a safer method as it does not have a frequent switching of dosage, which affects the body. Also, instead of maintaining a constant dose, we can increase the dosage on every two week cycle till the maximum range is reached.

Increment Cycle Of Clen

This cycle is considered to be the most efficient one for weight loss. By this cycle, a person starts with 20-40mcg in the first week and then gradually increasing the dose by 20mcg every week. The body becomes adjusted to the presence of clen and that too in a gradient. The critical issue is that this should not be followed for more than two months, after which the accumulating clen in the body could lead to much prominent side effects.

Best Way Of Dosing Clen

Based on the reviews from famous body builders and athletes, the most effective and comfortable dosage is through the two week cycle.  In this the person starts with 20mcg on day1 and constantly increases the dosage 20mcg every day till they reach the maximum dose on the end of first week and then start reducing the dose from then on back to 20mcg starting dose on 14th day. This has been widely adapted and shown good results.

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