19 Mar

How to Play QQ or Pocket Queens

Pocket queens is a complicated hand toward play for numerous poker players. In spite of being a strong hand, it is still vulnerable towardimproved pocket pairs, above cards otherwise even draws. Owing to this, numerous players have struggle finding the correct balance while it derives to playing or folding their qq online pre plus postflop.

Playing QQ Preflop

My usual play while opening through queens is toward raise. The sizing depend on the game I am playing, but would be anyplace from a min-raise (2x) toward 3 times (3x) the large blind. If there are players who have shuffled in front of me, I would raise 3x + 1 large blind for each limper. I never over limp through queens since that’s too much similar set mining – queens are too sturdy to set mine with. Occasionally while I open through qq online, I do select to open limp. I do this typically in sit plusgo’s or MTTs while blinds are great and there are numerous re-shove stacks leftward to act. The impression behind this is that there would be enough “dead” cash in the pot for somebody to justify shoving extensive. In these cases, you will get it in frequently as a big 70/30 preferred verses hands similar ace otherwise king rags.

When somebody opens ahead of me, I usually prefer toward flat verses 3-bet. The cause for this is that my flatting variety is pretty extensive, containing of all pocket couples, my better aces as well as broadways. Thus it’s going to be hard for anybody to say, “Oh, he is really sturdy here.” In other words, through flatting I below rep my hand creating my general range extensive and even frailer. This can make opportunities to excerpt more worth post flop otherwise even persuade light squeezes from forceful opponents.

The jeopardy that derives with flatting is making multi method pots. When somebody opens plus you flat, you then start toward create decent chances for anybody with a pocket pair otherwise suited ace or king toward come along. This can make tricky states post flop if the flop is ace otherwise king high (or both).

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