17 Apr

Organizing Your Child’s Birthday Party With No Fuss

Birthday parties often are associated with stress. This is why we have come up with the following tips that will help you to create amazing party theme without any fuss.

Plan ahead

Wait a second, we don’t mean plan ahead by few weeks but a few months. We are not being obsessive but we know that jotting down ideas on a paper as they come to your mind will save you from that last minute brain storming and panic. Also planning this way lets you create ideas that are organic.

Theme it

Science themed parties, rainbow, fairies or Pink & Purple-the list is infinite. The birthday theme needs to be based on interests and hobbies of your kid. From our experience we know that when you theme a party on something your kid adores, it is inevitable that your little one will enjoy the party. Deciding a theme takes all the complications out of organizing a party and you can easily decide what kind of decorations, costumes, cake, etc. will be required.

Kids at Birthday Party

Make sure you know the guests

How you felt when you received invitation a day before a party? Terrible and tedious, isn’t it. Kids parties are no different. Get indulged into making invitations based on party theme with your little darlings and send them to their friends in school or hand it to their parents directly. Ensure to inform the parents to RSVP, this is important to know how many guests you will be expecting and how many goodie bags you need to prepare.

An entertainer will give you advantage

Kids entertainers add a wow factor to your party and make your guests feel special. Plenty of entertainers are available -magicians, science communicators and circus performers. Hiring entertainers is pretty much affordable.

Games- keep them entertaining yet simple

Not to mention the importance of party games. But you need to avoid overdoing it. Including too many games will distract kids and most probably they will end up doing their own things after 3 or 4 games. You need to create a sweet mix of games-musical statue; sardines and Pass-the-parcel are static and engaging games. For a change you can also add simple and funny science experiments to the mix.

Goodie bags

Goodie bags are party savers (not technically!) as they provide an opportunity to end the party in a subtle and friendly way. No kids like to leave a party that is fun, and so goodie bags will keep them excited and at the same time signal them that the party is about to end.

Hope our tips will help you to organize an amazing birthday party for your kids.

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