29 Mar

Set in place a sliding glass door in your living room to give a fresh feel

Sliding glass doors have been in use for very long and are commonly used in restaurants, Hotels and residential buildings. These sliding doors were first used in the first century B.C. in roman houses as evidences of their use have been found by archeologists. The mechanism involved in these sliding doors is called a sliding door gear and they come in two different types. There is the top hung type sliding door and the bottom rolling type door. The Top hung door is most commonly used widely and the contain doors that are fixed to rollers and attached to the top of the frame. These doors can be moved horizontally to the sides to get a clear, open space in your living room. The sliding doors can be attached with glass cut in rectangular shapes and fitted within frames. These frames may be made up of stainless steel and they are fixed with the rollers to help in moving these sliding glass doors.

frameless-glass-doorsThe bottom rolling type sliding doors are doors that are similar to the top hung doors except these doors are not fixed to the top. These doors are placed in guides located at the bottom and they support the full weight of the sliding doors. These types of doors are used where it is not possible to use a top hanging door because of the overweight of the door. Special rollers and modifications of the guides are provided to ease the opening of these doors and reduce the sound while opening the sliding glass doors. These sliding glass doors can also be equipped with a motor for the automatic actuation of the door. They are called sliding door operators and are commonly found in supermarkets and hotels.

Benefits of glass sliding doors

The sliding glass doors contain one movable glass attached door which moves along the guides through the side of the other glass door which is fixed and stationary. The door moves fully letting you get an open feel and good air inside the room. These sliding glass doors come with locking mechanisms that can be used to lock the movable door in place. Some sliding doors can have steel bars fitted on the other side of the fixed doors to prevent breaking and entry from outside. The sliding glass doors provide a good look at the outside weather and you can enjoy the light coming in through the glass doors to liven up the interiors of your house.

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