13 Nov

Useful tips for hunting the snow goose in the field

People who are going for the vacation always love to enjoy their favorite destinations with some interesting activities. One of the most followed activities in the vacation by most of the people is the duck hunting. Yes, it is the favorite hobby for the people to spend their time in the vacation in the interested way.  Of course, many people are taking to this snow goose hunting sport or the activity as the states or the country has allowed.  In fact, the snow goose is highly available in North American country and it is also known blue goose. In this article, you can see tips for hunting the snow goose in the most effective way.

Snow goose hunting on the field

Hunting the snow geese definitely needs some hard work and specialized strategies. However, the person who knows some advanced tricks and techniques can also get rewarded. As the way, you can claim the features when you get the outdoor experience of goose hunting.

Normally, the snow goose return to their field until the food is fatigued. But, they may not return to the field where they get shot at. So, finding the hot field and setting out the decoys can result in two or three useful hunts.

Of course, it is so important to find out the owner of the land where you are going to shot the goose and get permission before doing anything else.


Follow the conditions while hunting

  • You have to hide all the signs of human activity by removing the non natural items in the field of goose hunting.
  • It is ideal to park the vehicle at least a mile away from the hunting field and you have set out at least 500 lures.
  • Wearing all the essential gears is important when you have gone to the hunting. Of course, you have to also wear the mask or the white if snow goose is covering the ground.
  • Calling the goose is most effective to call the isolated pairs and single birds.
  • It is better to begin shooting the geese when they are landed on the ground before it is getting nervous to fly.
  • Hunting partners should have enough coordination while shooting the goose in the field and it is better to concentrate on a single bird at a time.

As the way, you should keep these things on your mind before you are going to snow goose hunting on the field.


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