01 Feb

Water: A Vital Asset on Earth

Water is one of the most significant components required by the human body in a definite proportion. About two-third of our body comprises of water and all the essential metabolic processes are directly or directly influenced by water. It has been said after many surveys and analysis that we should drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. Therefore, the requisiteness of this essential component in our life cannot be denied at all.

Looking at the current scenario, pollution and global warming has become a major threat to the entire world. Not only Asia, but all the continents of the world are at high risk due to this hazardous alarm that has been set due to pollution. One of the kinds of pollution that has been creating a menace on Earth is water pollution. The wide range of water bodies such as sea, rivers, reservoirs, oceans, lakes and ponds are being infected by the effluent waste, the dump of the factories and many other sewage materials resulting into the growth of micro organisms. As a result, children and adults fall sick due to the intake of this contaminated water.  Consequently, people get infected by some fatal diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, skin and eye infections to name a few. Therefore, looking at the gravity of the situation, there is an urgent need to preserve this major asset of our lives and look for measures for its purification.

Measures on how to purify water: – The following are the few methods for the purification of water

Boiling: – Boiling is an effective method used for the purification of water for different purposes. Medical experts also suggests that boiling of water before drinking kills the bacteria residing in it which as a result minimizes the risk of getting sick.


Filtration: – Filtration is also a effective method for the purification of water, for smaller amount of water, you can use a funnel and filter papers to remove the impurities in water. Filters cleanse water for various purposes such as irrigation, drinking water, pools, aquariums and ponds.

Sedimentation: – It is process of the physical treatment of water which removes particles that are suspended from water. Solid particles can be removed through a natural process in the stagnant water of oceans and lakes.

Distillation: – This treatment eliminates most of the particles that are dissolved in water. The volatile and semi- volatile components that are organic in nature are removed by distillation.

These above methods tell us the techniques on how to purify water and save the most essential component of this universe.

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